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    Default please review the following code

    please give me feedback on the following code
    public LinkedList findOrdersForProduct(Product p, boolean debug) {
    ArrayList l = new ArrayList();
    ArrayList list = getAllOrders();
    for (int i=0; i<list.size(); i++) {
    Order order = (Order) list.get(0);
    boolean found = false;
    if (order.getProducts().size() > 0) {
    for (int j=0; j<=order.getProducts().size(); j++) {
    Product p2 = order.getProducts().get(j);
    found = (p2 == p);
    if (found && order != null)
    return new LinkedList(l);

    please tell me that is this code is complicated and what are the other problems in this code
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    where's the code?

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    Several sins have been committed here:
    1.) You posted code without wrapping it in code tags. Looks like the site police doesn't like that (understandably so).
    2.) The method takes a boolean parameter called debug that it never uses.
    3.) The method uses meaningless variable names like l,list,p2.
    4.) The code does not use generics to aid in type safety and avoid the ugly casts all over the place.
    5.) The code uses == to compare equality of two Products. == will check equality of the references not of the objects. Better use the .equals methods for such purposes.
    6.) The logic of the method itself is cumbersome and probably incorrect. It could all be collapsed into
    Java Code:
    for(Order oder: getAllOrders()) {
        if(oder.getProducts().contains(p)) {

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