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    Default One question..

    Hi everyone,Im new here,I just wanted to shoot a question out there..
    I have someone that works with me that says some friends of him that are studying java/computers are working on making a program for live betting,where they can avoid the load time of when you are placing a bet,if you know what that means...
    I just wanted to know if that can be true or he's just fooling me
    Thank you

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    sounds fake to me

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    It may be possible to write an assistant program to place bets on a number of sites within a much shorter time than it would take to do manually - in order, for example, to take advantage of the variation in odds between sites to try to minimize potential losses, or even guarantee a small percentage profit.To actually make this practical, the software would also need to pick up the odds and do the calculations as well as placing the bets. This would depend on the sites in question having stable and well-defined interfaces so that your code has a useful life long enough for a full evaluation and test period before committing real cash... if it were practical, I would expect it to have been done already. Note that the sort of odds hedging I'm describing is really only practical for small numbers of odds, e.g. dog racing rather than horse racing, but the smaller the number of odds the less likely you are to find usable differences between bookies... (see What's Luck Got To DO With It?).

    Fubarable gave the best advice on this ;)

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