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    Default Question about java object oriented Language

    Hi, my question is...Why java is not pure object oriented Language?
    Why should C# be any better than Java? Why should both be any better than, say C++? Each language has its characteristics.

    Java is an open language, available on all types of platforms. As I understand C# is a COM based programming language, with many features copied form Java. It is more recent and will probably have some enhancements.
    Because it is purely Windows platform based, it will be better integrated with the OS than an platform-independent language. But you're constrained to using Windows.
    Which is language is better for application Project.


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    Java is pure object oriented. C# is Micro$oft thereby equals crap. C# is a ripoff of Java by the boys out in Redmond. C# is not better than Java quite the opposite. You can make native platform dependent calls in Java. You want portability. Java encompasses everything in development including thick, thin clients, web application, server side applications, message queues etc..

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    The simplest answer is that it depends entirely on what the problem is you are trying to solve.

    For example, if you know you are only ever hosting on windoze boxes and want to take advantage of some performance tweaks from microshaft then why not use C#.

    If you want to write a low level driver which must respond quickly to input from a peripheral then C/C++ is the kiddie.

    If you want to write a well maintained scaleable website which runs off of disparate hardware then java is certainly the right choice (IMHO)

    So it really does depend on the problem domain you are trying to solve.

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    The only aspect of Java that are not pure object oriented language is the primitive variables

    U know, the int, char, double, they're not objects in Java, better that way though, if they were objects, maybe Java would run even slower than now, the speed on which some people has already consider to be slow

    Pure object oriented language are good in theory, but to achieve it surely requires a sacrifice of performance, that's the only major thing that limits Java from reaching a pure OOP base

    C# maybe not better than Java or Java better than C++, but what i have recognized is, the prequels are less safer in development, in terms of
    C# are safer than Java
    Java are safer than C++

    Because thats what the language designer are offering, they analyze the features of the older programming language and check what feature are prominent for causing bugs in development, so they minimize it

    Just like the Java inconvertible other type to boolean, eliminating direct pointers, those are for safety, so from my personal opinion, they'r not better than the older one, but yes, safer

    Though sometimes, being safe doesn't always give u the best result :D

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