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    Question can someone help me with this game??

    i dont know where to get start and how to get start with the coding..

    write a program that asks for a name for the character ans asks for the point of each characteristics. however, the total point of 3 charactheristics should less than 15 points. if exceeded 15,then 5 point are assigned to each characteristic.

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    The steps I would do are these:
    1) Get lots of paper and a pencil and try to think of how you would solve this type of problem without a computer.
    2) After you've written out some steps, take each step and see if you can subdivide it into smaller steps.
    3) After you've gotten the smallest steps you think possible, try to use this as an outline for your program. Write this outline again on paper.
    4) Create a program skeleton: the class declaration and perhaps a main method.
    5) Compile this skeleton code and make sure there are no compile errors.
    6) Fix any errors and don't add any more code until all compile errors are corrected.
    7) Start adding code based on your outline a little bit at a time.
    8) Compile after each small addition of code. Go to step 6) and repeat until program is done.

    Then if it still doesn't work, come on back here with your code attempt and any specific questions, and we'll be glad to help you.

    Oh, also, if posting code, please don't forget to use code tags so that your code retains its formatting and is readable. That will make helping you much easier. Best of luck!

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