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    Default How Convert a Byte array to a image format

    How to convert a Byte array to an image format....I shall be more clear regarding my question and what i want...See i recieve a Byte array fom server this Byte array before recieveing at my end it was converted from an image/text format into a Byte array and is sent from server and, I recieve this Byte array now I have to convert this Byte array into their respective image....please tell me how to convert a Byte array to a image ......... Kindly explain clearly as i am new to Java......

    Thanking You.

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    Please check out this tutorial, especially Part 2 which deals more with your specific question:
    Learning Java 2D, Part 1
    Learning Java 2D, Part 2

    Best of luck and welcome to the forum.

    Also, I closed your other duplicate thread as it is not good netiquette to split this discussion in multiple threads. You're best bet is to choose the one best forum for your question and post the question there. Thanks for your cooperation.

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