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    Default how to access to an object from a thread

    Hi, I have to classes in my app
    the first: the public class that contains the main method and inside it I defined all my GUI, including the control txtData. From it the "client" Thread is called.

    the second: the "client" thread class that tries to do this:
    txtData.append("The client saids: "+i.readLine());

    So, the error I obtain is:
    Can't find the symbol: txtData.

    I think that this control, txtData, doesn´t exist inside of "client" thread class, so my question is:

    How can I have "access" to txtData and to do append to it from the "client" thread class?

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    when you compile the thread you have to give it some reference to the class that has txtData, so that the thread can access to it through get method.

    From the class that calls the thread you can do that
    Java Code:
    MyThread myThread = new MyThread(txtData)
    and thread class has an attribute to save the reference to txtData

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