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    Smile How to connect to folders other than Inbox when using imap in JavaMail

    I have just started using JavaMail. I use the store "imap" and connect to a Thunderbird client. The purpose of my code is to read attachments from a folder and download it to a location on my hard drive. This part is getting implemented successfully and I can read and save attachments from my inbox folder. I have read in the JavaMail API documentation that you can access folders other than Inbox when using IMAP. I have a folder called customers in my account which is a different folder than Inbox. I want to connect to this folder and read and save attachments, the same thing that I am doing currently. Can any one suggest a way to do this?
    Also, because I am using ThunderBird, I can't make the customers folder a subfolder of Inbox.

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    Default Reading IMAP Folder

    Try changing the folder name:
    // Retrieve the "Inbox"
    folder = folder.getFolder("inbox");

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    I am retrieving the Inbox in the same way. Infact, Inbox with a capital I throws an exception and I read somewhere that use inbox to retrieve the inbox folder. I have a customers folder that is not a subfolder of inbox. How do I access that?:confused:

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