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    Default May need to scap project again, is there a way to increase connection times?


    I have built an application that sends lots of SQL queries to a MySql database. The program dynamically displays a buttons, spinners and checkboxes depending on what category is selected from a ComboBox. To achieve this, it uses lots of methods and public variables that I made. On a machine with a local database there is no lag and it works fine. The problem is, as soon as I made the database remote (which is required for this application to be useful) it takes a good 8/10 seconds to do anything when a category is selected,

    Is there anyway to make a remote connected database as fast as a local one? I read up about connection pools but unsure if this will help.

    Please, any guidance will be appreciated. This is the third try at this software I have in mind what I want to achieve. It is now essentially finished but if I cant get rid of the delay issue in using a remote database I will have to start from scratch again.

    Ps. Could the delay have anything to do with the fact I am temporary using a Free webhost until I know the application is full functional?
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