I see there are websites that automatically:
- Tell you that you need Java installed on your PC
- Let you click to see if your PC is compatible with the latest Java
- Tell you what you need for Java to work
- Provide a link to download the software (or do so automatically)

I think I've found a site that illustrates what I'm looking for:

Sample URL I Found

I've been assigned the task to implement something similar to the above link for our users.

I need to know how to build our own autocheck similar to the website link in this post.

  • What tools/utilites to I need?
  • Do these tools exist?
  • Where would I find the tools to make the above happen?
  • Is there an application written that will do this for me?
  • Or, do I have to write the applets etc. from scratch to make this happen? (Hope not)

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide me.