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    Question general confused about java question (easy!)

    I was writing all my little java programs in eclipse, and I thought I would try messing around with netbeans. But nothing I write in netbeans seems to be recognised. I noticed there is no "run" method in netbeans default template either, but there is a "main".

    I realise some will take this as a silly question, but im doing this on my own, and have no teachers or peers to ask the dumb questions to.

    Can someone please explain the difference between say:

    Java Code:
    println ("the average of all the test scores is " + total / count + "." );
    (which is not recognised by nebeans)


    Java Code:
    System.out.println("the average of all the test scores is " + total / count + "." );
    (which is)

    and why are they different?

    Also when i try to import .acm libraries into my netbeans code, they are not recognised as they are in eclipse.

    ps sorry for sounding retarded. :confused:

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    Your NetBeans program must be configured to recognize the acm library files. This likely will require your setting some system properties to allow it to find and compile the libraries.

    edit: try--
    open netbeans,
    right click on your current project
    click on the Properties menu item at the bottom.
    click on the Libraries Category on the left
    Then click on Add Jar/Folder (I think)
    browse for the jar file that as your acm libraries and click on it.
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