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Thread: Applet hang

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    Default Applet hang


    I'm new to the forum and new to applet development, although I do have some Java experience. I have a strange problem with an Applet. It does some minor UI and file handling which works fine but it also needs to post some data back to the server, I have tried using both HttpUrlConnection and the Apache Commons HttpClient but both completely hang the JVM and the browser and I cannot figure out why, I have got it down to a single line in a method which will completely hang:

    GetMethod method = new GetMethod(<url removed due to forum restriction>); // URL is a fully qualified HTTP URL on the same domain

    That is the only line in the method, without it, obviously nothing happens, with it, everything hangs and I have to force quit the browser process. The last line in the console is:

    network: Connecting to <my server>/java/commons-httpclient-3.1.jar

    Does anyone have either a clue what would cause this or how to debug? I've tried using jstack but it errors saying that "-m is not supported in OSX"

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    No idea... Evidently, you already know how to use SOP's to debug an applet, which is my "standard approach"... if you really want help you're going to have to prepare an SSCCE.

    Hanging the browser is definately BAD. Good luck with that ;-)

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    My guess is that there is a failed connection somewhere that does not stop trying to get through, though the browser hanging is fishy... You definitely need to post some code before anyone can help you.
    If the above doesn't make sense to you, ignore it, but remember it - might be useful!
    And if you just randomly taught yourself to program, well... you're just like me!

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