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    Default Word comparison in a Statement


    I'm trying to break the statement into word token and then compare. It seems to comapre and accept even a partial letter of an input word and set as true.

    Please advise how can I break this into tokens/ words and then compare word by word for example Roger(from input) should match with Roger(from another string) and so on.

    Java Code:
    public static void main(String[] args) {
          String input = "ro ger";
          String  another = "Roger Bell Technology Corporation";
          StringTokenizer inputToken = new StringTokenizer(input.toLowerCase());
          StringTokenizer anotherToken = new StringTokenizer(input.toLowerCase());
          int count = 0;int i=0;
          while (inputToken.hasMoreTokens()) {
                    	    if(anotherToken.nextToken().contains(inputToken.nextToken())){i = i + 1;}
                if(count > 2){break;}

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    suggest to use String.split(" ") to get 2 string array
    use 2 for loops to compare the substring

    nextToken() would move the pointer, then, cant compare all substrings

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