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    Default Calling accessors

    Hi guys, im completely stuck on this, how do i call an accessor method to deal with user input? Just started the other week

    KeyboardInput.readDouble("Enter Radius: ");

    // accessor methods
    public Balloon()

    public Balloon(String Bname, double Bradius, int BnumBalloon)
    name = Bname;
    radius = Bradius;
    numBalloon = BnumBalloon;

    // constructors
    public double getRadius()
    return radius;

    I'm trying to call the getRadius constructor ? or the balloon accessor?

    I've had a little more experience in c++, so i guess what I would have done for c++ is getRadius() = KeyboardInput.readDouble("Enter Radius: ");
    I've spent a whiles trying different ways of doing this but yeah. If anyone could take a look, would be much appreciated.
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    getRadius() is not a constructor. The constructor is Balloon(...) as the constructor has the same name as the class and does not have a return type (not even void).

    getRadius is an accessor method, and is called by first creating a Balloon object then calling the accessor on the object:
    Java Code:
    Balloon myBalloon = new Balloon("My Balloon", 20.0, 5);
    double radius = myBalloon.getRadius(); // call accessor here and place into variable
    System.out.println("the radius is: " + radius);

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    It looks like you are trying to reset the radius of the balloon. To do that, you will need a setRadius method:
    Java Code:
    public void setRadius(double rad){
         radius = rad;
    If you're still stuck or I'm just not understanding you, try some samples in C++, maybe I can convert them to Java for you, I've done some work with C++ myself.
    If the above doesn't make sense to you, ignore it, but remember it - might be useful!
    And if you just randomly taught yourself to program, well... you're just like me!

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