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    Question new to java: where to begin?

    Hi, I'm a flash programmer with modest experience in functions, loops, arrays, math operators, etc. and I've recently decided it's time to get into Java. Some of the syntax looks similar but in practical terms it's completely alien. :eek:

    Where should I really begin and what should I look out for?

    P.S. my first goal is to build a simple blank canvas.

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    Creating a blank canvas in java is very different than flash. You will have to do alot of typing (and studying) as opposed to flash. But comparing it to actionscript, there are alot of similarities, such as keywords. Declarations, however, is different.

    Best place to start is the sun java tutorials. Google for it. Good luck, and do let me know how it turns out for you.
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    Skip GUI coding to start with, and instead go through either the Sun tutorials or a decent Java textbook (my first one was bought cheap and used, and was Java 1.4, but it worked fine) or both. Don't just jump into coding yet, as you have a lot to un-learn.

    Best of luck!

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    hi, i am a new in this forum.
    well, i love java and still study on it.
    my tips for a new java programmer is reading books, i read: Deitel - Java How To Program and Java 2 The Complete Reference.

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