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    Cool Simple Dodging Game

    Hello all,
    I've started Java quite recently (this is only my second thread on the forums) and I've learned how to display images, provide text fields, and a couple other things. I want to design an applet where you move ball with the up and down keys, and dodge oncoming bricks. Its going to be a side-scroller, and I am wondering:
    1.) How to make the algorithm to create bricks infinitely at various locations, scrolling
    2.) How to make the background scroll
    3.) How to mask an object with an image, and than move the object with the up/down keys
    4.) Can I design my own buttons for the menu instead of using the standard java buttons
    5.) How to design some kind of High-Scores Table
    And as the thread continues, I might have other questions.
    Help and coding are appreciated!
    P.S. I am hoping to make this as an applet to put online

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    Help and coding are appreciated!
    why not give it a go on your own first; you've nothing to lose!

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