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    Default help using BlueJ

    I'm looking for a way to print the output that is displayed on the terminal, anyone know an IDE that lets you do it? Or do I need to program it to send information to a printer? I'm currently using BlueJ as my editor but can't print from it.

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    if you're using NIX you could do something like
    Java Code:
    java helloWorld |& tee helloWorld.log
    this runs your java program, echoing the output to both screen and logfile (useful if you require user interaction) and then print helloWorld.log. This method should work on MAC as well

    I don't think there is a utility provided by M$ which is as powerful as tee,
    so you are faced with the following options
    1) redirect your output from the console (doesn't allow interaction)
    java helloworld -> helloWorld.log ->2 helloWorldErrors.log

    2) run from a console and mark-copy-paste output
    java helloworld
    3) download a decent 3rd party java console which allows you to save output
    4) download GNU Utilities for windows which provides tee and a bunch of other useful commands
    Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities

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