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    Question How would I go about making something like this...

    Hi everyone. I am 100% new to this stuff, and looking to eventually create something like this:

    I haven't the slightest clue where to if anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome! Books, posts, articles, tutes, etc...

    Sorry, I'm sure this is a super noob question...but I had no idea where else to start. Thanks in advance for those that can help!


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    split, what exactly do you know about java? What stage are you at so far? Also, sorry to sound suspicious, but can you show that this is not a spam post for this site somehow?

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    Sorry I didnt intend to spam. Its not my site.

    Im trying to create basically a flash game that follows the rules that that site does which is essentially:
    Play a movie based on user input (if a user inputs 0-10 have the game play a certain movie, 10-30 a different movie, if the user clicks "fold" end the poker hand and play the next one)

    I have a lot of experience with:

    But little java or flash experience.

    Thanks so much.

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    Are you trying to make a flash game? In which case, you need to look into flash tutorials.

    Are yout trying to make a browser game with web 2.0 stuff? You'll need javascript, ajax, etc...

    Are you trying to make an applet? Then this is the right place. Applets can be played in a browser.

    Are you trying to make a stand-alone game to play on a computer (no internet)? That would be a standard java application.

    If you are not familiar with programming (html and css don't count, php is java-like though) then you really need to read about object oriented programming and its concepts, and then dive into some java books.

    This might be a bit ambitious without much prior programming experience (c++, objc, c#, etc...)

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