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    Default newbie: the app is loaded but i can't see it

    Hi, i'm really newbie in java, I'm trying to follow some tutorials to learn java, and my question is:

    I typed a console application, but after compile it, the app it doesn't appears in the screen, but it is loaded because I obtained a JOptionPane.showMessageDialog confirm everytime i executed this application. So, What I have to do for the application open in a DOS window?

    In the void main function I tried the next:
    serverchat sslx= new serverchat();

    but doesn´t work, can you help me?

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    Java console applications do no open a console by default. If you are running your application by double clicking on its jar, this is not correct way to see console output.

    You will need to open a DOS window and type something like this if it is the output is a jar file:

    Java Code:
    java -jar yourJarName.jar
    If it is a class instead of jar, run it as follows:

    Java Code:
    java YourClassName
    You can read basics here:

    "Hello World!" for Microsoft Windows (The Java™ Tutorials > Getting Started > The "Hello World!" Application)

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