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    Default B tree


    I've been working for a while on a pretty simple B-Tree implementation
    in Java...but my life just went crazy and I need a little help. I'm
    certainly not asking for source code that I can just pop in and have
    it work magically. All I need is some nicely written, Java/Object
    Oriented pseudocode.
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    I think you'll get the most effective help if you describe the problem precisely. Ie, if you have code that is not doing what you expect (won't compile or exhibits strange/bad behaviour at runtime) then post it and say what the compiler/error messages are.

    If the problem lies in not really understanding what it is you are supposed to do, read the various descriptions of B trees (and B+ trees) that exist on Wikipedia and elsewhere. If you can't understand some point that is written there you at least have something precise that you can ask.

    While I'm sure there are many people willing to help you to find a solution to your problem the "All I need is..." approach smacks a little too much of looking for a handout. Someone may supply you with an answer you can can use in your homework, but I doubt they will.

    And, please don't post all over the place. This behaviour fits the "handout" model of internet forum usage. (After all you multiply you chances of getting teh codez!) But it is rather impolite in a forum which is based around the open exchange of information. Everybody participating in such an exchange deserves to know what everybody else is saying.

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    as suggested, there are ample resources online for what you're looking for. before implementing this, you should do your best to understand the purpose and uses, the structure, then insert/delete/search/how it all works. if you understand these things, you will have your pseudocode.

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