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    Default inserting values from jtable into database

    hi to all , i am facing a problem with jtable when inserting jtable values into database.My problem is ,for example i have three columns,and user enters the corresponding data into three columns ,for example jtable has say rows and i have one submit button at bottom of table.After filling the data into all rows ,when the user press submit button ,data is inserted into database.There is no problem in this situation.Now consider user enters only 10 rows and he didn't enter submit button ,bcs of some power failure prblm system shutdown suddenly .Now my i want to store these 10 rows in a collection and again when started the application i want to insert these 10 rows values automatically into database .Please consider that user information is very critical information.I don't know to do this pls give me a idea how to start this.
    thaks to all.

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    My sugg is please avoid Jtable to enter the date into database.
    Why i am saying is,if your date is so complex ,your application would be complex.
    Instead of JTable ,you can use Text filed for even 1000 records.It does not affect the system..
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