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    Smile Bit Wise operation: shifting


    I have an integer array of size 90, the content of which is 0's & 1's (Basically a binary stream saved in an integer array)

    I need to process this data in 10 chucks, each of size 9, and prefix each chunk with a 7 bit data (0000000).

    This means, the original 9-bit data in array index 0 to 8 would need to shift to index 7 to 14 and array index 0 to 6 would need to get filled with the 7 bit data (0000000).

    Also this would cause the array size to increase from original size of 90 to 160 (original size of 90 + 10 times 7 bit data = 160)

    How do I do this? Is there some kind of array bit wise shift possible?

    Thank you - Rueter

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