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    Default JTable problem

    I have an proble with Jtable.I want to insert a pariticular columnvalues(for example say 2nd column) on each row change .For example i inserted some data in 1st row ,2nd column cell ,now when i press down arrow or enter or tab ,then immediatly value in 1st row ,2nd column cell shoulld inserted into database .simillarly when i move from 2nd row to first row the same sholud happen.Ofcource this cause more interaction with database,i need this because my project includes critical data .When user enters data and middle of data entry if power is lost ,then all data should be inserted into corresponding cells.
    If it is not correct way ,suggest a better way to resolve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you feel that data is huge and more interactions with the database then,retreive all the data and keep it in collection and use it.Don't unnecessarily keep the connection object active.
    Just start with the code so that I can help u to proceed.
    Write a pseudo code first and then proceed.

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    thanks for reply .I don't have any prblms collecting data at atime into collection,you are it is not good to maintain interactions with database .
    I posted the same question with another approach in a new thread with title
    " inserting jtable values from jtable into database " can you pls help me on this post.
    Thank u.

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