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    Default Run program from desktop?

    How can I run a program from my desktop? I tried to just double click a class from my computer files but it just gives me a text document with the code or opens my Eclipse with the code. I want to be able to just double-click an icon for it and have it run.

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    are you sure its the compiled class and not the java file? A compiled class shouldn't open code...

    Also, you should export it from eclipse as an executable jar file. That will work much better.

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    It sounds like you're attempting to run a .java file. You need to compile the java code using the 'javac' command to create a .class file.

    If I recall correctly the javac command works something like this (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here I tend to create little scripts to do this and very rarely write it out manually):

    Java Code:
    javac -classpath .:libraries_needed_paths [name_of_.java_file]
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