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    Default apache commons vfs delete directory with dependancies

    I'm new to vfs and I want to know how I can remove a directory, which is not empty.

    The following code seems to remove single files and empty directories quite easily:

    Java Code:
        public void testRemoveRemoteFile() throws FileSystemException {
            FileSystemOptions fsOptions = new FileSystemOptions();
                    fsOptions, "no");
            DefaultFileSystemManager fsManager = (DefaultFileSystemManager) VFS.getManager();
            if (fsManager.resolveFile("sftp://user:pass@host/remotepath/", fsOptions).exists()) {
                fsManager.resolveFile("sftp://user:pass@host/remotepath/", fsOptions).delete();
                System.out.println("File removed successfully");
    But I want my code to be able to remove directories, which have files or sub-directories in them. The spec says, that we should use fileObject.delete(FileSelector); instead of fileObject.delete();
    but so far I haven't been able to use this method, as I don't know what this FileSelector type parameter should contain. If anyone has encountered this problem, please post an example, which removes non-empty files.

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