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    Default Comparing List of maps


    I need to be able, in my code, to determine if objects are the 'same' based on one key-value pairing held in a map.

    I have 2 lists of objects that each contain a map of parameters. In side these parameters is an ID value.

    I want to compare the objects within each list based on this ID Value.

    Is this possible in any other way than a loop inside another loop using
    Java Code:

    thanks in advance

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    I guess if it's two maps and you want to compare values you could try..

    Java Code:
    if (Map.containsValue(SecondMap.get(Key))
    This basically just checks that the map you have contains the value of the second map comparing against (but you need the key obviously so you may just iterate through it)
    (just figured alternatively you could do it the other way round (containsKey (then containsValue).

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