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    Default output "left click"/enter command?

    I'm trying to write a program that will automatically fill out an internet application from a users input and then I want my program to click a submit button at the bottom of the page, but I'm not too sure java might have something like it? I believe PHP has a .CLICK function of some sort, but I was wondering if Java had one. I looked into the URL, and the many HTTP API docs but non contain what I need.

    Thank you for your time, and replies!

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    Have a look at the Robot class. But its use to perform actual program logic by means of actions carried out on on screen controls is rather awkward.

    Often a "submit" button has a url associated with its action. It might be better to figure out what that URL is and have your program do the same thing based on the given input (GET the contents of the url or POST data to it.)

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    Sounds like you want to GET the blank page and then POST back to the server. The contents of your post response will have to match what the page/browser would produce. As long as there is no authentication or other complicated content in the blank page, that should be easy. I suggest GETting the blank page because the server might expect a GET before accepting a POST.

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