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    Default Execute external program from java

    Hi all,

    got another question for you guys ...

    i want to run an external executable from my java program at the click of a button and then resize and reposition the external programs window to user defined cordinates.

    example : program :c:\users\ankit\notepad.exe
    width : 200px
    height : 400px
    x,y : 100,100

    how would i do this ? any help is appreciated.

    thanks / ankit

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    positioning I have no idea. Most likely it is not possible, as it is not part of the Java program. As for running an executable. Runtime.getRuntime().exec("MyExecutable.exe")

    For command line programs and retrieving program exit codes, see this lengthy thread

    Some simple commands for windows and possibly other OS's that may work for you:

    cmd start MyApp.exe
    cmd /c start MyApp.exe
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