Hi All,
For the following code, i am passing long value to Date and then applying TimeZone formate for that same date, finally converting that to long again..
so the long value before and after applying timezone is different.

I have a query here.. After applying TimeZone format to date, how this long values differ? can you please explain me ?

long offerdate= 1243362600000L;
System.out.println("Long value before formating date :- "+offerdate);
Date date = new Date(offerdate);
System.out.println("before :"+date);
TimeZone timezone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("EST5EDT");
DateFormat dataformat = DateFormat.getDateInstance();
String dateAftersettingZone = dataformat.format(date);
date = (Date)dataformat.parse(dateAftersettingZone);
System.out.println("After :"+date);
long val = date.getTime();