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    Default jtable cell renderer

    Have a quick question regarding setting my custom cellrenderer to a jtable.

    I can set the renderer for a jtable column using the code

    Java Code:
    TableColumnModel cm = table.getColumnModel();
    TableColumn tc = cm.getColumn(0);
    tc.setCellRenderer(new myCustomRenderer());
    Now this works just fine. What i want to ask is can have more that one type of renderer in the same column. I want the cell to have different renderer based on its value (+ve/-ve).

    Also on a side note, is it possible to assign MouseListener to a specific cell in the table ?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    You have to change the single renderer so that it treats the cells differently. Likewise, you can have a MouseListener on the table that only does things when specific cells are involved.
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    For handling MouseEvents on specific cells, use something like
    Java Code:
    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent me){
         if(myList.locationToIndex(me.getPoint() == indexToPerformOn){
              //Perform action
    if you need to have extremely different actions for each index, you may want to subclass JTable and add a performIndexAction(int index) method or something like it that calls the action for the specified index, but that could become complicated.
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