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    Angry Compare two arrays for difference

    Hi all, this has got me stumped. I have two arrays of the same type of objects. I want to compare each of the values in the first array to see if they exist in the second array. If a value does not exist in the second array I want to store that value in a third array for use later in my program.

    Obj[] array1 = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};
    Obj[] array2 = {1,3,5,6,7},

    So after comparing array1 to array2, I want array3 to have the values:

    Obj[] array3 = {2,4,8}


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    Perhaps you want to use Set and its methods? This operation would be a set difference.
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    Default Using the Set class.... interesting

    What OD suggests is interesting. A Set is a collection that contains no duplicate elements.
    Set (Java Platform SE 6)
    Creating a Set (Java Developers Almanac Example)
    What do can do is check each element in one set against the set using the contains() method.

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