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    Default 1 as an integer, not boolean

    I'm trying to set this int variable to 1 by calling my setPower(int power) method.
    Java Code:
    	public void setPower(int power) {
    		this.power = power;
    Java Code:
    		else if 
    The compiler is telling me
    -Syntax error on token "setPower", delete this token
    -Type mismatch: cannot convert from Int to Boolean

    Is it seeing 1 as a boolean or an integer? If a can I change it to be read as an integer? If it's reading it as an integer...what is the problem? setPower takes an integer argument, which I pass as 1, and then sets it to power. I don't see how something could go wrong in this procedure.

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    Did you mean
    Java Code:
    else setPower(1);
    What you have done is try to use setPower(1) as a conditional test. You have to have a boolean expression after an if.
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