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    Default GUI Help(Layered panes, opacity, events)

    I have an application that has a component hierarchy of this

    bunch of stuff
    bunch of stuff

    and I have a mouseClickedListener attached to users with this code inside
    Java Code:
    userView is not opaque and starts off disabled.
    layeredPanel is not opaque and starts off enabled.

    The question I have is how come my layeredPane will not cover up userView?(I don't want userView to be visible unless the button is clicked)

    I've done something similar to this using TabbedPanes but I don't want tabs this time. I can only have 1 view showing at once and it must only show when the user presses the button.
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    I wonder if what you need is a CardLayout somewhere in the mix, so that you can hide the userView until you need it.

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