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    Default strange alternating array

    Well hello java enjoyers, i am new to java but not programing all together. I know some python and c+ but not much else. I was trying to figure out away to write a program that reads a sequence of integers into an array list and computes the some of the numbers. But the computation must alternate in between + and -. For example
    Number set [4,2,5,7,6,7]
    computation 4+2-5+7-6+7=9
    output 9
    im snaning in the number set and trying to use a for loop but cant figure it out. Any suggestions?

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    Post the code you're using. It's a bit tough to correct it without seeing it.

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    Please be specific where you got stuck with.
    I think you are expecting some logic for using alternate computations.
    My suggestion is using '%' operator.

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