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    Default Could not find the main class. Program will exit.

    I am very new to Java, and have recently downloaded a Private Server for a JAVA Based game called RuneScape. I have the run.batch file with this code:
    title RovaScape Client V6-2
    START javaw -Xmx500m -cp .;Theme.jar Gui
    exit /QUOTE]

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    The error message means that the Java runtime could not find the class called Gui.

    Either a file Gui.class should be present in the current directory when you run the batch file, or there should be an entry named Gui.class in the file Theme.jar (which should also be in the current directory). You can look at the contents of this jar file using WinZip or similar as it is a valid zip file.

    You mention that you are "new to Java", but recognise that this is a Java programming forum. If you are new to using Java you will find better help at some forum devoted to RuneScape or from whereever you downloaded the files. (Check that the download didn't come with installation and usage instructions first!)

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