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    Default Image Encryption

    Hi everybody ,,,,i'm a final year student COmputer ,my project is on Secure DATA tRANSMISSION,in thata i'm not able to do encryption of image ,will anybody help me.......hurry up

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    What do you think about image encryption?
    Will you please tell me a bit more about it?
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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    iam not sure about image encryption.But i sured in the net.Please go thru this link whether it can help u out.
    It is not allowing me to send the link.go thru sun forum.add http before //forums.


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    If your question is "how do I perform encryption in Java", then have a look at some stuff I've written on Java cryptography, in partcular the section on symmetric key encryption. Essentially, you create some secret key, which can just be a string of random bytes generated with SecureRandom:

    Java Code:
    byte[] key = new byte[16];
    (new SecureRandom()).nextBytes(key);
    Then you construct a Cipher object and init it with the key, then pass it the data you need to encrypt:

    Java Code:
    public byte[] encryptData(byte[] key, byte[] data) {
      Cipher c = Cipher.getInstance("AES/CTR/PKCS5PADDING");
      byte[] initialCounter = new byte[16];
        new SecretKeySpec(key, "AES"),
        new IvParameterSpec(initialCounter));
      byte[] encryptedData = c.doFinal(plaintextData);
      return encryptedData;
    There's nothing necessarily very special about encrypting an image-- it's just a bunch of bytes like anything else at the end of the day.

    The main problem with cryptography is that there are various subtleties that you need to understand for it to be secure. For example, in this case I've chosen Counter Mode operation, which is generally secure, but only if you use a different key and/or initialisation vector (=initial count) with every piece of data you encrypt. Anyway, read some of my articles, plus other stuff on the web-- it's a fascinating subject.

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