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    Default parsing multiple delimiters

    I have to input and parse the contents of a .txt file. I can do this using Scanner class and defining a delimiter (e.g. scanner.useDelimiter(",");)
    However, my txt file has multiple delimiters. For example, this is a snippet of the file:

    Question: Question text goes here Location: Chicago, IL School: Unit 5 Grade: 8 Question: Question 2 text goes here Location: Inglewood, CA School: Ben Franklin Elementary Grade: 4

    So, basically, there are numerous delimiters (Question:, Location: School:, etc) and nothing that indicates the start of a new question. Note, I can't use : as a delimiter as it often appears in the text as a legitimate character

    Can someone inform me on the best way to parse using multiple delimiters so it reads:
    Question: Question Text
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Grade: 8

    Question: Question Text
    Location: Inglewood, CA
    Grade: 4

    thank you

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    You'll need to just tokenize it and manually work through it. The delimiters you want to look for are "Question: ", "Location: ", etc.
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    another way to do this is by implementing serializable
    so that your stored data can be stored in an arraylist

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