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    Default Problem when reading non ascii chars

    Hi All

    I have a requirement here when an XML message is being parsed. Due to some additional enhancement to output XML I went to write a java custom code to add new tags to existing XML. However, as XML message consists of non ascii chars, when entire xml doc read as string, java internal conversions are happening from non ascii to ascii.. this results as some new char(non- ascii) apprearing in target XML. Can any one help me how can I make sure non ascii chars will pass as it is...

    Source of XML looks like

    after parsing it comes as <CANDTOWNCITY>Düsseldorf</CANDTOWNCITY>

    my requirement is : data should come as <CANDTOWNCITY>Düsseldorf</CANDTOWNCITY>


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    Java should work in Unicode internally. Java Strings are Unicode strings. Have you checked the documentation for the methods you are using and that you haven't set the locale no be non-Unicode or something?
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