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    Default Delete Empty Spaces...

    I got a jtxtfieldPath declare at up there to receive folder path from the user.

    Then at the event handling part,this is the code:

    File f1=new File(jtxtfieldPath.getText());

    If the user input something like this at the text field,it will crash:

    C:\users\aaa aaa aaa

    It is because of the space...

    What do I need to modified at the jtxtfieldPath.getText() part in order to eliminate all the empty spaces?


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    It is not the empty spaces that are giving you trouble... it is the backslashes... You need to escape them with another "\"... so it will be:

    C:\\users\\aaa aaa aaa


    Java Code:
           String fileSep = System.getProperty( "file.separator" );
            String theFilePath ="C:"+fileSep+"Documents and Settings"+fileSep+"Manager"+fileSep+"my file test.txt";
            File file = new File(theFilePath);
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