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    Default Cannot run radar after explorer 8 update

    I am not very good at fixing computers. I can defrag and do general maintanance, but when it comes to the more difficult things, I'm lost.
    I am running windows XP. I have recently updated to explorer 8 and service pack 3. Since then, I haven't been able to get into a chat room that I go to. Also if I go to a site like NOAA's National Weather Service[/url], click on radar, click on the map and the area that I want to check, then try to go to base loop... I get a blank box with a red x in the upper left corner. There is a message at the bottom that says;
    "Java is necessary for radar looping and is best optimized using Java version 1.4.2 or higher.
    Go to] Java + You[/url] for more information regarding Java."

    So I have downloaded the new version 6 update 13, and I have followed the steps that tell you how to go into your internet options, and click on the java stuff. Still I can't watch my radar to see if the storm is coming.

    I live in tornado alley and with tornado season approaching, I would like to be able to see if I should abandon the computer and run for shelter.

    Can anyone please help me?


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    Your best bet is to contact the creators of the program you wish to use. You may get someone who knows more here, but this is a site for folks who create java programs, not for maintenance of others programs. best of luck.

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