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    Default Learning Java

    Hi guys,

    I decided a few days ago that knowing java would be a very handy skill to have. I know a bit of HTML that's about it, I have very limited experience with serious programming languages.

    Are there any good websites/books available for the true beginner? I'd like to start out by doing a few simple games or something of that nature. Iv browsed all the stickies and such but didn't catch anything, I apologize if this has been covered.


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    Welcome to forum. :)

    Before dig into the deep of Java world, my suggestion is you must learn basis of Java. Otherwise you'll mess-up quickly.

    Best place to start work on is the Sun Java tutorial. At the same time you have to use the Java doc, which explain all the libraries used in programming. At the beginning my suggestion for you is, to coding use the Notepad and the command prompt.

    Here are all you want.

    The Java Tutorial
    Java 6 API Specification

    Good luck!

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    From the Sun fora:

    The core Java list (many thanks to PhHein(?) jverd(?) for this list):

    Sun's basic Java tutorial

    Sun's New To Java Center
    Includes an overview of what Java is, instructions for setting up Java, an intro to programming (that includes links to the above tutorial or to parts of it), quizzes, a list of resources, and info on certification and courses.

    A general Java resource site. Includes FAQs, forums, courses, more.

    To quote the tagline on their homepage: "a friendly place for Java greenhorns." FAQs, forums (moderated, I believe), sample code, all kinds of goodies for newbies. From what I've heard, they live up to the "friendly" claim.

    Yawmarks List

    The Java Developers Almanac

    Java Examples from The Java Developers Almanac 1.4

    Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Java(Available online.)

    Joshua Bloch's Effective Java

    Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra's Head First Java

    James Gosling's The Java Programming Language
    Gosling is the creator of Java. It doesn't get much more authoritative than this.

    Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter Java Puzzlers.

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    Wow thanks for the quick replies guys. Looks like I have a lot to keep me busy

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