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    Default Drawing a picture (applet) using methods

    Hi, for my class I need to draw a picture in an applet, but it's not as simple as that. The teacher wants different parts of the pictures to have their own methods. I'm having a little difficulty starting out with the basics.

    Can anyone give me an idea on how to do this?

    I started making a separate class with all the methods. Then, in the applet, I tried to have it make a new object of each of those things... didn't work... or is that how I am supposed to do it and maybe I messed something up? I don't know, but please give me advice. :)

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    OK, this is what I have... idk!

    Java Code:
    *removed by me*
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    Check out these tutorials:
    Trail: 2D Graphics (The Java™ Tutorials)
    Lesson: Performing Custom Painting (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing)

    And for a JApplet or any Swing component, override paintComponent, not paint.


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    Darryl's right, but let me make one small clarification:

    For a JApplet, JFrame, or other Swing app, do your graphics within a JPanel or JComponent and override this object's paintComponent method. You can then place this JPanel or JComponent into the JApplet's contentPane. The excellent tutorial links in Darryl's post should explain all.

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