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    Default Count on cantor help!?

    I need some help coming up with the correct coding for the count on cantor problem. You can read an explanation of the problem in here:
    Java Code:
    The only difference is that I have to read the number from a file (already did it) and it does work that way, BUT I also have to calculate the sum of all terms before that number.

    3 is 2/1 - Sum: 2 1/2
    14 is 2/4 - Sum: 22 3/4

    I'm using a class named Racional, which I call from this problem to set the numerator and denominator of my number, and after that I call the sum method (also in my racional class). I can't seem to find the problem, but when I run the program it shows an error regarding my sum method. I did a somewhat similar code and the sum does work but not in the right way.

    Here's my racional class
    Java Code:
    And my code
    Java Code:
    I put a link to the files since they are quite long.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me!

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    Java Code:
    for (int t = 0; t < n.length; t++) {
       // code
    have you found any Strange in the for loop
    what if the text file only contain 3 numbers, how many times do the looping should do? is 3, not n.length

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