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    Default How to add an integer to a array element and the store that backinto an array.

    Hello everyone i'm new to java and never had any computer programming before.
    and i'm current doing a project for school and i have a few question on the coding of an array.
    Here is part of my program.
    PHP Code:
    int []counts = new int [maxHeads + 1]; 
        for(int i = 0; i <counts.length; i++)
              counts[i] = counts[i] * (int)((maxLength/maxCount) + 0.5);
    This is what i wanted to do 
    "Now multiply each value in the counts array by the MAX length we want for bars (maxLength) 
    and divide by the largest value found (“maxCount”).  Remember the limitations of multiplication 
    and division for integer variables.  You will need to cast the integers to float or double for the 
    calculation and cast the result back to integer to [COLOR="Red"][B][U]update the value in each 
    counts array element[/U][/B][/COLOR]. It is also a good idea to add 0.5 to the float or double 
    value before casting it back to an integer.  That causes the code to round-off the value during 
    the conversion rather than truncate the value." */
    so please help ty in advance

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    please be more specific. what is your problem? Do you not know how to add, subtract using java arrays?
    i have a few question on the coding of an array.
    please list them.
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