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    Default grab the textfile

    Hi I have created a servlet. The HTML bit which allow me to search for a file,

    Java Code:
    out.println("<td><b>Choose the file To Upload:</b></td>");
    out.println("<td><INPUT NAME=\"file\" TYPE=\"file\"></td>");
    but I dont know how to grab that file with Java, so i can sort the textfile into an array.

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    hello everyone, im new

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    @moostico, please don't post in someone else's topic if it's not related.

    @sticks, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? it's hard to say what direction you should go without context. for example, what are you trying to do with the file, why do you need java, html, etc. (btw, input tags must be children of form tags to really do anything)

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    well i just want to know how to apply a delimiter to this textfile to separate the values. That html code allows me to brows for a file, now I want to be able to manipulate the file using java code.
    Would I use DatainputStream?
    If so how?

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