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    Question how to get next character/string

    i m very new in java. now facing prob to get a string/character after a particular string. suppose from a text file where mentioned few friends name such as my first friend jacky, second frind vikcy and so on..... so here particular string will be 'friend' and need to get the immediate next character of the friend. anybody please help me to do this program...........pls pls..

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    Pseudo code suggestion:
    Java Code:
    String target = "friend";
    String line = a_line_read_from_file
    if(line.indexOf(target) != -1) {
        //this line has the target string in it
        int index = line.indexOf(target) + target.length();
        if(index != -1)
            char nextChar = line.charAt(index);

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    thank u so much for ur kind help..
    i almost solve my prob but right now its showing rest of the words after my target string 'friend'.
    FileReader fr;
    BufferedReader br;
    String append="";
    String word= new String();
    int x;
    String target = "friend";

    try {
    fr = new FileReader ("C:/Users/user/Desktop/java/test.txt");
    br = new BufferedReader(fr);

    while ((append = br.readLine()) != null) {
    x = append.toLowerCase().indexOf(target);
    if (x>=0) {

    System.out.println (word);
    ouput :
    vicky sdkafjlkasdjflksadjflkasd
    rocky dfjksd, lksdjf
    but i want only one character(jocky, vicky, rocky....) after the target string.
    pls help me...

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    Perhaps you want to use the method suggested above, charAt(...)?

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