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    Default Which book to start with??

    Hello everybody!!

    I am new to this forum,well just wanted to start learning java 6 from scratch and planning to take SCJP 6 asap.I am so confused with around 3 or 4 books and cannot buy all of them.Could you please suggest which is the best book that:

    1)Teaches java 6 from scratch including OOPS concepts ,path setting for jdk etc for people who are completely new to java,and also tell why its doing a particular step.A book that teaches basics for programming,OOPS proper enough to understand for SCJP,some JDBC concepts if not in depth atleast for a project and if possible JSP also,though impossible for JSP I know.A good enough book to start a mini student project at beginner level,thats what I wanna do before I go for SCJP certification.

    2)A good book for SCJP 6 ,which covers most of the topics required for taking the exam ,without referring two or three books.

    3)well What I am planning is :
    a)get familiar with basics do some practice
    b) learn some jdbc and jsp required for doing a mini project
    c)finish a project in a month or so
    d)prepare for SCJP 6
    All the above am planning to do within 4 to 5 months time including certification and project.Is that possible or being too ambitious?any suggestions are welcome coz I have a time not more than 5 months for joining university with an intermediate level in programming.

    4)How much time is usually required to prepare for certification SCJP 6?

    Thanks a lot.Would appreciate your help


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    The best books for beginners are:

    -Java software solutions
    -Big java

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