Not quite sure where to post this... Hope here is fine!

I am attempting to make a *highly* simplified DBMS-style system in Netbeans 6.5. I started with the Database Application Example template and built up my application on top of it.

I now have several tables, and I am using multiple jInternalFrames in a jDesktopPane to lay it all out in an accessible manner. This all works more or less fine.

My problem is this: all of the code for the internal frames is in the single "DBView" source .java file. This is a lot of code (and even more including the collapsed GUI builder code). This makes it rather hard to read, let alone understand!

I was wondering- what could a better way to set out my code? Is using separate class files for each jInternalFrame a possibility? Separate classes for processes? Would I still be able to use the GUI builder?

I tried this preliminarily, but quickly realised I'd have to give loads of things public access, and it gave me a headache.

I have no idea how I'd even begin to set about this! Suggestions, links to helpful tutorials, etc etc... all appreciated! Fingers crossed, thanks in advance.