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    Cool [SOLVED] AffineTransform

    Hello all,
    I'm back with another problem. I cannot get the following method to compile. Can you help?

    Java Code:
    public Picture shear(double xFactor, double yFactor) 
            // set up the shear transform
            AffineTransform shearTransform = new AffineTransform();
            Rectangle2D rect = getTranslationEnclosingRectangle(shearTransform);
            /* create a new picture object big enough to hold the
             * result
            Picture result = new Picture (
                                          (int) (Math.ceil(rect.getWidth())),
                                          (int) (Math.ceil(rect.getHeight())));
                // get the graphics 2D object from the result
            Graphics graphics = result.getGraphics();
            Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) graphics;
            /* save the current transformation and set up to
             * center the new image
            AffineTransform savedTrans = g2.getTransform();
            AffineTransform centerTrans = new AffineTransform();
            centerTrans.translate(0 - rect.getX(), 0 - rect.getY());
            // draw the current MH onto the result image sheared
            //  g reason that2 transformation to the saved one
            return result;
        } //end of shear method

    The error message in the interactions pane is:
    Error: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Heidelberg\Spring2009\myjav a\cps201\ cannot find symbol
    symbol : method getTranslationEnclosingRectangle(java.awt.geom.Aff ineTransform)
    location: class Picture

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    Your compiler is saying it cannot find a method in the Picture class with the following signature:
    Java Code:
    Rectangle2D getTranslationEnclosingRectangle(AffineTransform at)

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    Default AffineTransform

    Thanks for replying hardwired. The problem actually lies in an error. The line was supposed th read:

    Java Code:
    Rectangle2D rect = getTransformEnclosingRectangle(shearTransform);
    instead of:
    Java Code:
    Rectangle2D rect = getTranslationEnclosingRectangle(shearTransform);

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