Good AfterNoon Friends,

I am new to this Forumn and friend I have one problem

I want to search file from the hard disk the file is searching properly, But I want that if same extension file is located inside the zip, rar file then it show me in the search result.

Currently I am searching only doc file and i create a zip file in which one doc file, but on searching it not show me that file..

Even I used this code for searching file inside the zip file..

// passing filename to Zipfile...
ZipFile zf = new ZipFile(file);

for (Enumeration entries = zf.entries(); entries.hasMoreElements(); {
zipEntryName = ((ZipEntry)entries.nextElement()).getName();
fileExtension = zipEntryName.substring(zipEntryName.lastIndexOf(". ") + 1);
for(String fileType : fileTypes){ //fileTypes is an array where i specify searching file type(currently doc file)

highly appreciated your help
Thanks in advance...