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    Default Executable java to read and write to a txt file

    Is it possible to create a JAR file or any other method to read from the console or a file and create a new file with the data that has been read?

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    I dont know if this is exactly what you want, this attached zip file contains all the files created in netbeans for an application to firstly create a .txt file within a manually created folder called datafiles. Hope this helps!

    If you downlod this file check that the datafiles folder is created.

    path ../build/classes/video/

    Within that folder there should be a .txt file.
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    I think you want to read data from console/file and create a new file with data. Nothing to do with Jar files initially. First of all you must write the application to do this, and later you can create a Jar file for your application. Is that what you want to do I guess..

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